Maintenance Windows and Restart Times

We have our SCCM system setup so that when a client needs to restart, we have a countdown of 1440 minutes (24 hours).  We also have a pretty good-sized VDI deployment and as a measure of protecting when things run, there is several 90 minute maintenance windows spread across the day these machines are put in.  Recently, we noticed large failure rates deploying packages to these machines. After researching the logs, we saw entries that said, “A restart is pending for a deployment.  There is no maintenance window available for this computer that will allow the restart to occur.  Possible cause: the duration of the reboot countdown is longer than the duration of any maintenance windows defined for this computer.  Solution:  Increase the duration of the maintenance window available to this computer, add another maintenance window for that exceeds the duration of the restart countdown notification length or reduce the duration of the restart countdown notification.”

So, we lowered our restart countdown timer to 60 minutes on those collections and now we are seeing some better numbers.

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