Simple way to throttle your MP’s

We’re experiencing high utilization on our SQL servers and while working on that issue I learned some interesting things. When a client queries an MP for policy, it can be impatient and if it times out, it will go to another MP in the site and give it the same query. Now when the first one gets an answer, it has no client to respond to, meanwhile, the second MP is giving the same query to the SQL Server, which may take too long and we end up in a vicious cycle. To prevent this, we can throttle down our MP’s so they won’t take as many queries. This actually helped us out in our situation. All we did was open Internet Information Server Console, went to the default web site and clicked on advanced settings. We then went to the connections and limited the incoming connections to 500.
We are now watching our utilization and upping the connection number until we get a happy medium.

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