Client Update Package stuck In Progress deploying content to DP’s

I was checking the We had a package that was stuck “In Progress” distributing content to a couple of our DP’s. It was the Client Upgrade Package. I couldn’t find it in the packages when I looked for it, at least not with the same package ID.  We did have a Client Upgrade Package, but with a different ID. I eventually opened a ticket with Microsoft.

We had recently upgraded to R2 CU1 and come to find out, somehow, we got a new Client Upgrade Package created and it was hidden. Now, this is the way it’s supposed to be and evidently, when we performed the upgrade, our old package was made visible and a new package was created and distributed. But, the distribution was hung up for weeks on two DP’s.

After some research, Microsoft came back with a way to push the package along and this solved our issue.

First, you need to get the NAL path of the package, so query the site server database with the following query:

From the results, select the problem DP
Execute WBEMTest
Connect to rootSMSSite_<site code> (if not running on the site server use the path

WBEMTest Connect
WBEMTest Connect

Click Execute Method and enter: SMS_Site and click OK


WBEMTest_Execute 2

In the Method: Dropdown, select RedistributeAutoUpgradeClientContent
Click the Edit In Parameters… Button

WBEMTest_Execute 3
Check the Hide System Properties and double click DPNALPath

WBEMTest_Execute 4
Check Not NULL and paste the NAL path from the SQL Query.
Make sure you click Save Property and then Save Object.

WBEMTest_Execute 5
Finally, click Execute!

WBEMTest_Execute 6
Repeat for each DP

This was the solution to our issue. The challenge was the fact we had both a hidden and non-hidden package.  I had to plug in the packageID manually in the SQL query.

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