Improvements on Site Systems Script from previous post.

This has been the week from hell. Our software update points have been having issues syncing for quite a while and we finally had to rip them out and reinstall them. We changed the configuration and use a shared database and content store for all the SUPs in a site. We also learned that we were grossly underpowered on a variety of our site systems, so I decided to add memory and processor information to the list-sitesystems.ps1 script.  I cleaned up the script a little bit and have updated bitbucket (you can get to it from the main menu above). I’ll put the script in here, but I’m going to rely on the comments to help explain the script. We’ll see the output below.

When we ran the script, here is what we get (some names have been changed to protect the innocent):


You may notice, the DMZ machines didn’t pull in the memory or processor info, obviously, this is a firewall issue. Also, I still need to put more error detection into the script so to better handle these issues, but until then, enjoy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment. Thanks!

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