Package stuck downloading

Today we had a package stuck downloading at 0%. It didn’t budge for hours. Looking at the logs we found an error that it indicated that a “.cs” file was unavailable (sorry, the log rolled over and I forgot to copy the message). When we tried to look at the URL from the server, we got a 404.7. Turns out, this extension was filtered from the IIS server ( Strange part is these DP’s have been up and running for a couple of years. We recently had to rebuild some servers and it would appear that the request filtering settings got reset. So, we decided to put in a compliance item to monitor this setting.

To set this up, create a compliance item and use the script below for the detection script. In the script, we create an array of extensions we need. Right now, I’ve only got three in the list, but you could see how you could easily add more, just make sure you have the leading ‘.’ in there. I’m working on a remediation script and will add that as soon as I get it wrote. We then created a Compliance Baseline and deployed it to our MP’s and DP’s collection.  Now we’ve got something to check if we start getting calls.


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