Get IP Range from CIDR address

This script takes an IP address in CIDR format ( and will return the Subnet ID, First Host IP Address, Last Host IP Address, and the Broadcast Address. It does require the ConvertTo-CmnIpAddress, and New-CmnLogEntry functions. All can be found on the Github site.

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Converting 32 bit binary number to an IP address

This script will convert a 32-bit number into an IP address. This script is usually used by other TCP/IP scripts, not necessarily directly. This script also requires New-CmnLogEntry

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Converting to CIDR address

This script takes a standard IP address/Subnet Mask input in dotted decimal notation and returns the equivalent CIDR address. So, returns It validates input and verifies the subnet mask is valid. This script requires New-CmnLogEntry. These scripts can be found in my GitHub repository.

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Changing it up


OK, obviously I’m not too good at posting on a regular basis… Sorry about that. Some things have changes since my last post, I’ve got a new job and am doing much more than just SCCM, so we’ll see some new scripts going up. I’ve also switched from BitBucket to GitHub. I’m going to try … Read more

Module Rewrite, the beginning

Configuration Management

We’ve worked very hard to automate our environment where I work. As a part of that I’ve wrote a lot of PowerShell functions to perform various actions. I even went so far as to put together a module.

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Script to copy Client Settings between sites


Copy Site Settings between sites

This post is for a coworker of mine, Daniel. He’s a smart cookie I work with and has a great blog, PotentEngineer. Here ya go my friend!

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Set Maintenance Windows for Software Updates


For the last two years, we’ve just had workstations in our SCCM environment, and now we are starting to bring in the servers. The server teams have a patching schedule and there are quite a few of them. They also change every month, they always relative to Patch Tuesday and have different reboot times. As … Read more

Remove Unreferenced packages from Distribution Points

The story Our distribution points were getting pretty full, and I wanted to see if I could clean them up before requesting more disk space. I wanted to go out and make sure we remove any packages that were on our DP’s and DP Groups that were not referenced by a task sequence or had … Read more

New-LogEntry Snippets

Computer Operator

If you liked my previous post, Function to create logs that CMTrace can read and you use the ISE as your editor, I’ve posted a script in my BitBucket link to create three snippets to add that function when you need it.

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Function to create logs that CMTrace can read


I like to log things when I code, especially while debugging. I also like how I can watch logs real time with CMTrace, so I wrote a function that writes out the log entries in a format CMTrace can read. To use it, at the beginning of the script you are writing, these are the parameters to add for logging.

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