Speeding up testing of deployments

Here are some tips on speeding up testing of deployments. Although I’ll be demonstrating creating a package, the same information will apply to applications and updates. In order to move things along, it helps to understand what is going on in the background, so we will focusing on that. I will assume you already have an understanding of creating packages and will not go into much detail there.

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Simple way to throttle your MP’s

We’re experiencing high utilization on our SQL servers and while working on that issue I learned some interesting things.

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Maintenance Windows and Restart Times

We have our SCCM system setup so that when a client needs to restart, we have a countdown of 1440 minutes (24 hours).

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Policy Issues… Again….

We have had some policy issues again.  This all started around November 14th when we starting having falures in our OSD environment.  The logs were showing:

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CU2 and Maintenance Mode

Well, had an interesting Saturday. Our SCCM setup is a CAS with two primary child sites. Our test site, however; is just a single primary site.

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