Get IP Range from CIDR address

This script takes an IP address in CIDR format ( and will return the Subnet ID, First Host IP Address, Last Host IP Address, and the Broadcast Address. It does require the ConvertTo-CmnIpAddress, and New-CmnLogEntry functions. All can be found on the Github site.

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Converting 32 bit binary number to an IP address

This script will convert a 32-bit number into an IP address. This script is usually used by other TCP/IP scripts, not necessarily directly. This script also requires New-CmnLogEntry

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Changing it up


OK, obviously I’m not too good at posting on a regular basis… Sorry about that. Some things have changes since my last post, I’ve got a new job and am doing much more than just SCCM, so we’ll see some new scripts going up. I’ve also switched from BitBucket to GitHub. I’m going to try … Read more

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