New-LogEntry Snippets

Computer Operator

If you liked my previous post, Function to create logs that CMTrace can read and you use the ISE as your editor, I’ve posted a script in my BitBucket link to create three snippets to add that function when you need it.

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Function to create logs that CMTrace can read


I like to log things when I code, especially while debugging. I also like how I can watch logs real time with CMTrace, so I wrote a function that writes out the log entries in a format CMTrace can read. To use it, at the beginning of the script you are writing, these are the parameters to add for logging.

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Policy Churn issues

We’ve had this issue where OSD starts to fail because the client’s can’t download the policy from the MP’s. We’d seen this in the past and it was caused by some kind of corruption where a package that was referenced by the task sequence was getting it’s policy updated in a table at one of our primary sites a few times a second.

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WSUS EULA not downloading error


We were seeing this error on our workstations saying the WSUS EULA not downloading:
COMAPI WARNING: ISusInternal::GetEulaText failed, hr=80240033

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Package stuck downloading

Today we had a package stuck downloading at 0%. It didn’t budge for hours.

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Improvements on Site Systems Script from previous post.


This has been the week from hell. Our software update points have been having issues syncing for quite a while and we finally had to rip them out and reinstall them. We changed the configuration and use a shared database and content store for all the SUPs in a site.

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Script to list the Site Systems and their roles.


This script will put all the site systems and their roles in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Changing my repository to bitbucket


I’ve changed where I’m going to keep my repository to You will see the change in the menu. I’m also revisiting the files there and rebuilding the collection of files. Please let me know if you have any issues.

PowerShell trick with single quotes

Computer Operator

I was discussing the use of single quotes with a colleague, Daniel Ratliff, and how to have a single quote show up in a string delimited by single quotes.

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Freeing up some space on our DP’s

We were running low on disk space on our DP’s and I noticed we had a lot of packages with the “Copy the content in this package to a package share on distribution points” check box checked on packages that didn’t need it. This, as you probably know, causes the package to have 2 copies on each DP. The only time we needed this checked was on a package that was either referenced by a task sequence or had a deployment that ran from DP. So, I wrote a script that will fix this, based on the switches you use.

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